Helping people make decisions that improve the lives of all community members.

Lisa Kenney, Ph.D

As a facilitator and researcher with doctoral level training, Lisa provides groups of people with decision support. This means she helps people make decisions that align with their values and meet their goals. Lisa works on community development and planning, natural resources management, energy planning, and organizational development and strategic planning. She provides facilitation over the long-term, including conducting stakeholder and community engagement, and consulting experts to address uncertainty. Ultimately Lisa aims to create decision-making frameworks to help guide both everyday and long-term decisions. Originally from Buffalo, NY, Lisa has worked in such diverse environments as Thailand, Vietnam and Canada’s Northwest Territories. Lisa holds a PhD in Decision Science, as well as Master’s degrees in Public Policy and in International Studies.



Community and stakeholder engagement

Strategic planning

Decision support

Action and management plans

Program design

Needs assessment

Monitoring and evaluation


Focus groups


Statistical analysis

Best practices research

Focus Areas

Community development

Regional planning



Natural resources management

International development

Project Experience

2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council

Buffalo, NY

Public Participation Plan

Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council

Buffalo, NY

Strategic Planning

One Region Forward Implementation Council

Buffalo, NY

Strategic Planning & Decision Support

Aurora Research Institute

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

Energy Action Plan Decision-making Framework

Government of the Northwest Territories

Yellowknife, NT

Bison Management Plan

GNWT Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources

Fort Smith, NT

Northwest Territories Water Stewardship Action Plan

GNWT Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources

Yellowknife, NT

Colville Lake Community Development Plan

Behdzi Ahda First Nation

Colville Lake, NT

Self-government transition needs assessment

Deline First Nation

Deline, NT

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